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Difference Between Self-Balancing Scooter And Unself-Balanci
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As a riding tool, self balance scooter becomes more and more popular. While, do you know the Difference between self-balancing scooter and unself-balancing scooter? Now, I’ll show you the difference in the summarized table,please refer to the table below for details:
Note:we can see from the above table
1.The self balance scooters and unbalance scooters have little difference in power part.The difference in Power battery is specification and category.But from weight see,the self balance scooters power battery has advantage than non balance scooters.
2.In speed,the self balance scooter is much safer than unbalance scooter.Especially obvious in downhill because human body would control the speed to avoid too fast.
3.The balance performance of unbalance scooters depends on physical.The imbalance rate is very low.While the self balance scooters’ balance performance depends on electronic system.It’s stability has relationship with battery chip,main board and motor.Also the price should be taken into consideration.
4.The self balance scooter is more flexible than unbalance scooter. And it is small to relatively easy to carry and store.
5.About the braking system,If the self balance scooter is electronically balanced to control forward and backward, body and scooter is almost completely separated, because the speed of inertia, any brake may cause people tend to fly. So the braking is realized by the center of body gravity. It can be achieved even backward, while the mechanical braking of the unbalance scooter is because of the inertia, when the speed is too fast, more prone to danger.
In a word,self balance scooter is safer than unbalance scooter, more reliable, more suitable for travel use.